The Story Behind Western Imaginarium

As young boys and girls in the late 1950s and very early 1960s a treat for us was going to the Saturday afternoon movies. In my case, I went to the Mayfair theatre in Sandringham Road in Auckland, New Zealand. Kids would whoop, yell and roll Jaffas down the aisles to the accompaniment of the…

Out now in May 2023 ‘Western Imaginarium’ A New Release from Otis Slim Sundown

Otis Slim Sundown has released a 7-track EP entitled ‘Western Imaginarium’. It contains a diverse range of original tunes. Some are instrumentals and some are vocal-lead. Titles of tunes are ‘Western Matinee’, ‘Please Mr Banker’,’High Country’, ‘Bakersfield’, ‘Just a Stone’s Throw Away (from Loving You)’, ‘Muddy Slide’ and ‘Desert Plaguescape’. One can listen to tunes…

Sickness Blues (Henry Jackson)

Woke early in the dawning, with a catch in my throat When I tried to speak, I just squeezed out a croak Oh I’m feeling so bad, I must have the Spanish flu’ Last week I detected, a lump in my side I rushed off for testing, they said it was benign But I don’t…

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