Coming Soon in 2022 ‘Western Imaginarium’ A New Release from Otis Slim Sundown

In 2022 Otis Slim Sundown will be releasing a 7-track EP entitled ‘Western Imaginarium’, which will contain a diverse range of original tunes. Some will be instrumentals and some vocals. Titles of tunes are ‘Western Matinee’, ‘High Country’, ‘Please Mr Banker’, ‘Bakersfield’, ‘Just a Stone’s Throw Away (from Loving You)’, ‘Muddy Slide’ and ‘Desert Plaguescape’.

Sickness Blues (Henry Jackson)

Woke early in the dawning, with a catch in my throat When I tried to speak, I just squeezed out a croak Oh I’m feeling so bad, I must have the Spanish flu’ Last week I detected, a lump in my side I rushed off for testing, they said it was benign But I don’tContinue reading “Sickness Blues (Henry Jackson)”